About "Spout"

While the world is enraptured by the glamorous vampire in pop culture, new short film “Spout”, directed by Chamorro filmmaker Alex Muñoz, offers a more human look at loss, grief, vampirism, and a spout.

“Outlandishly beautiful and extraordinarily unique”, “Spout” enters the comedic and absurd world of a grandmother and grandson whose love drives them to live in a bloody world that bridges the living and the dead. The story is by Laurence A. Rickels, aka "the Vampire Professor," who merges his expertise in vampirism with his own childhood experiences. A rough cut of the film was screened at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the audience was “stunned and delighted.” Avital Ronnel described “Spout” as “subtle and dazzling at once, its ironic velocities and coy rewrite of the vampire narrative stimulated new terrain for future bytes.”

The film stars world-renowned actress Rena Owen “Once Were Warriors” and was produced by individuals all of Pacific Islander descent: Alex, Rena, Hawai’i-based James Sereno and Karin Williams (Cook Islands/Aotearoa).

In addition, the cast is comprised by people of color in the roles of a German family determined to assimilate into American culture in the early sixties. The choice was a conscious one, an experiment anchored in Muñoz's interest in the social phenomenon of deregulation, but set off against the German ambivalence towards people of color. In this grain, the film uses the context of reinvented vampirism to explore the affective and identificatory mutation brought about by loss and grief.

As Susan Doppert puts it, “'Spout' is a non-phobic post modern neo feminist film, just what I have been waiting for!"

“Spout” premiered at the San Francisco International Asian Film Festival on March 12, 2010, at the Kabuki Sundance Theater.